Share Your GMB Access with Us

7 April, 2020
Share Your GMB Access with Us

Share your GMB access with us…

  • Log into your GMB account
  • On the left side — please navigate to the user management.
  • You will then share access with our DH Media agency ID account number provided to you in an email.  This is very important.
  • Set the role to “Manager”
  • Once you have shared “Manager” level access you’ll then want to email us back to confirm so we can finalize this process.

About Jason Lexell

Jason is the founder of Digital Harvest. He’s spent nearly 2 decades helping companies to develop a competitive advantage online. During that time he’s worked with software firms, industrial distributors, service companies, attorneys, physicians and other professionals to grow using the web. His passion is helping companies to better leverage the web as a tool to fuel new customer acquisition and profitability.

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