Inbound Call Optimization

One of the most important lead channels for most companies is inbound phone calls, however, in our experience they aren’t treated with the level of importance they deserve.

With correct inbound call optimization, you can achieve a higher return on your investment (ROI) if you’re working with Google Adwords or other types of paid marketing channels to gain more customers.

Phone calls that originate from your website, or other marketing efforts need to be tracked and you should be able to attribute a call to a source, or even a level of spending to get the most out of your advertising budget.

Why Calls?

  • For service and repair companies calls generally outpace email contacts 10 to 1.
  • Until you start measuring your call volume you are essentially flying blind.
  • Customers in need pick up the phone — if you aren’t there or don’t answer – they move on.

Despite phone calls being the most important inbound leads for most companies, many companies don’t realize what they are missing out on, and undervalue call traffic from their website or advertising campaigns.

Calls Matter More than Web Visits

You are likely undervaluing the call traffic from your website. At Digital Harvest we’ve set up many call tracking numbers for clients and frequently see 6 to 10 calls coming in from the website per 1 email from their contact page.

  • What’s your average call volume per month?
  • What type of calls do you typically receive?
  • How are inbound service requests being handled?
  • Are golden sales opportunities being fumbled?
  • How often do customers hang up because they can’t reach you, costing you money?
  • What key service territories are underperforming?

Call Analysis Gives Clues that Will Grow Your Business

And many times we have been able to show through the numbers the attribution sources that generated the phone call in such a way the client immediately realized where things go wrong in their marketing efforts. Simply by knowing through the numbers what drives the best results.

For any company that relies on inbound phone calls, it’s essential things are set up correctly.

If you’re not set up correctly, you’re losing out on a lot of valuable data and you’re stuck with data that has no meaning.

When you don’t track calls, you don’t know if your marketing investments produce the right results.

Businesses that don’t track calls only have a vague idea if something is working or not, and no sensible company wants to only have a vague idea of what is working.

Let Call Analysis Drive Your Site Content and Messaging

With proper inbound call optimization, you’ll get better insights on customer motivation, which is very important to understand, because it will help you improve your conversion rate for your sales staff and content pages.

If you want to learn more about optimizing your inbound calls, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or connect through our contact form.

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