Search Engine Optimization [ SEO ]

Get Found In The Search Results By Getting The Fundamentals in Order

Our organic search strategy is driven by analytics and designed to achieve results and success for your company.

Behind Every Search Is a Real Person

For this reason we know obtaining search engine rankings is only part of the process if you want to see satisfying results from an SEO strategy.

Yes, we aim for improved rankings, but we also create and implement a multi-faceted approach that ensures we can attract and convert more targeted visitors for your website.

How We Get Things Done …

At Digital Harvest we take into account various elements that make up for a successful search strategy, let’s dive in and explore our process.

The Initial Introduction:

As soon as you reach out to us we make an appointment with you so we can talk in person or via phone to learn more about your company, your industry, and your goals.

During this conversation, we aim to get a birds-eye view on how we can make a positive impact for your business.

Once we know more about your goal setting and expectations for success, we have a baseline we can align with our next step in the process.

Analytics Set Up:

As soon as we get started we need to make sure analytics tracking is correctly set up if not already, once this is done we have something in place to measure performance and progress on your website.

The Website Audit:

Now that we’re in full swing to get things rolling, we’ll perform a website audit and search for any problem areas, improvement opportunities and do a thorough evaluation of your website.

A website audit will help us to define our overall search strategy that we’ll use to get more targeted traffic to your website through improved visibility in the search engines.

During the website audit we’ll go into various technical SEO aspects, among other things we’ll review the current situation of your site’s on-page optimization, site structure and backlink profile.

Keyword Research:

Knowing what people search for when they have a service or product in mind that you offer helps us further refine our strategy, it helps us identify the missing opportunities on your website.

We’ll dig into heaps of data to find the most relevant and profitable search queries that we can work into your website and that matches perfectly with your customer demographic.

Increased traffic to your site’s pages is one thing, but we never lose sight on making sure your site receives visitors that are ready to commit for what you have to offer.

Fixing What Needs to Be Fixed:

We work on our recommendations that we’re found during the audit for your website.

Before we can proceed with other efforts it’s important we resolve all of the important technical issues that we have found during our website audit process.

Content Marketing and Improving Your Site’s Backlink Profile:

In order to get where we want to be it’s now time to make sure we have the right content in place, is everything set up correctly, in some cases we may not need to create additional content, but more often than not we do need to create/update the content we need in order to proceed with the next phase.

Reviewing and cleaning up your backlink profile, exploring new backlink opportunities and performing outreach to get your site’s new content noticed is essential to obtain improved rankings for your website.

Having more quality links pointing back to your website can make all the difference between ranking on page 29 or in the top 3 on page 1.

Performance Analysis:

At this stage we’ve done a lot already, but how is it paying off? – Are we getting more traffic to the site, and how does it convert?

In a previous stage we’ve set up a tracking system to monitor how the site appears in the search results (Desktop & Mobile) for the search queries that we’ve already identified as queries we want to rank for.

Being able to attribute where the additional traffic is coming from is important, as it will impact the way we continue refining and fine-tuning the site’s ability to get more visibility in the search rankings.

Tracking how visitor traffic flows into the website and how visitors convert and taking the desired action on the website is all part of the analytics-driven approach we’ve set out on from the start.

This result-driven mindset makes sure we always focus our attention where it matters, getting the right visitor to the right pages on the website, and getting more sales or conversions.

We Keep Momentum Going

Your competitors aren’t sitting still, they keep going, finding ways to outrank you, looking for ways to get better content, acquiring better links to point back to their website.

Our goal is to keep you in front of the pack, making sure you lead from the front and your website outranks the competition.

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