How to Stop Chasing and Start Attracting New Customers [ TONE ]

How to Stop Chasing and Start Attracting New Customers [ TONE ]

45 Minutes

Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce is partnering with Jason Lexell, Digital Harvest Media to provide this session on “How to Stop Chasing and Start Attracting New Customers [TONE].”

In this workshop, based on his book by the same title, Jason Lexell helps businesses to view and understand how customers become attracted to them. Through easily applied strategies and unique examples this workshop will help businesses to better understand how to grow through attraction, not chasing.

You Will Learn:

  • Psychological fundamentals successful businesses use to develop trust and profitable relationships
  • How businesses are going offline and using “organic” methods to generate new and profitable customers
  • An easy to implement formula that every business should have for attracting new clients
  • How digital communication can help amplify and automate your messaging to build new, and strengthen existing, relationships (but isn’t always necessary)
  • How this is working from examples used by local businesses.

Since 1996 Jason has been consulting with businesses and organizations to help them grow. This workshop has been designed to help you understand the core principles at work behind attracting new clients and growing relationships so you can stop wasting time and focus on what works.

This session will be recorded. There will be 40 minutes of presentation followed by 20 minutes of open discussion with Q&A. Registration is required to attend.