The Biggest Mistake Businesses Make with Phone Leads

21 November, 2017
The Biggest Mistake Businesses Make with Phone Leads
I’ve talked with many companies who remark that by the time they call a lead back it’s often unresponsive or already being serviced by another company.
Response time is critical in lead generation.  In fact, research shows that an alarming percentage of leads do business with the first company to call them back!

Not the best.

Not the friendliest.

Not the cheapest.

But the FASTEST!

Being fast often causes the customer to view your firm as responsive and professional.  “Wow, if they called me back this fast, I can just imagine how responsive they will be when I become a paying customer!”

If you are purchasing phone leads, do yourself a favor.

Come up with a plan.  Measure your response time and work on improving it.

It will help you close more leads and grow your profits.

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Jason is the founder of Digital Harvest. He’s spent nearly 2 decades helping companies to develop a competitive advantage online. During that time he’s worked with software firms, industrial distributors, service companies, attorneys, physicians and other professionals to grow using the web. His passion is helping companies to better leverage the web as a tool to fuel new customer acquisition and profitability.

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